June 15, 2024

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The Hummerclub is created for owners and fans of the greatest 4×4 car in the world. Join us at our forum, see our pictures of the meetings in our photoalbum.
If there is anything you want to know about our Hummerclub? Mail us at info@hummerclub.nu maybe we’ll meet at a meeting someday. We have about 6 meetings a year. Do you want to know about our meetings? Email us at meeting@hummerclub.nu.
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Hummer Club Meetings around the World

There are HummerClubs all over the world. The most popular ones are in Europe and the US. The biggest meeting every year is in Las Vegas. You certainly do not want to miss that event. It has everything that you can ask about. A combination of entertainment of cars, casino and fun. If you plan to visit the HummerClub festival in Las Vegas we recommend that you learn how to play casino first. It will be so much fun since half of the time is spent in a casino. You do not need to spend much money at all.

We at Hummerclub love our Hummers. Check out our event calendar to learn more about these awesome events.

Different Hummer Models

There are several different Hummer models, here we will explain a few of them. We will talk about the old models, the ones that got us to start this site, but we will also talk a bit about Hummer EV, which is the latest addition to the market.

We will also address the monsters Hummer H2 and Hummer H3. There are several more models and from different years. So it is often easier to ask the Hummer Store or a forum directly if you have specific questions.

Hummer EV

Announced in 2020 this new Hummer EV will enter the market in a big lightning bolt! With over 1,000 horsepowers this monster will do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.

There are a lot of things that we do not know yet in relation to the new Hummer EV, but GM has stated that it will be competitive both in terms of operational area as well as in price with other electric cars on the market.

This is a huge step for General Motors. By relaunching a brand that has been associated with pollution and environmental problems as an electric, environmentally friendly alternative, GM might get on the good side of PR this time around.

Hummer EV will be launched in 2020 and hit the streets in late 2021 and we att hummerclub.nu will definitely watch the development closely.

The story about the Hummer H2

The new model of Hummers H2 was delivered in 2008. The first customer visited the Hummer Store in Orlando, Florida. As soon as it came in, it was sold. However, before we were delivered to the lucky customer, we should take a look.

There is a lot of changes to the Hummer H2, we can start with the remote control. This is considerably smaller and has got a button. In addition to the previously unlocked lock button and the alarm button (panic button), a start button has been added. With this remote start button, you can also start the new Hummer H2 2008 remotely. Always convenient, you never drive away with a cold engine and the climate of the interior is optimal when you step in. The downside is, however, that there is no steering wheel, gas and brake on your remote control but who knows.

When we go to the exterior we see a few small adjustments, the has got an aluminium-coloured under-bumper (front and rear) between the skid plate and the bumper. The rims are now aluminium-coloured (bling-bling) this against the chrome rims of the 2005/2006 model. Furthermore, the front has been modified in detail. The logo with the text HUMMER that is normally on the grill is moving down and is just above the intercooler’s grid. So between the grill and the bumper in, the advantage is if you have a cage catcher with additional lights at the front, and the people want to read what car you drive now there big HUMMER sign.

St least as far as we can see, is the spare wheel now standard on the rear? And the standard recesses on the left and right of the rear bumper are also standard with a few additional lamps. Well, some more light bulbs. Nevertheless, just walked to the warehouse to ask for an extra set. Two times lamp a 70.79 + 70.79 cabinet set 58.75 and two times holding 97.79 + 97.79 totalling $ 400. This will thus amount to around 270 euros. This lamp is also perfect for the fog lamp required in the Netherlands and is better than that red little light that hangs under your H2.

Enough over the outside and we’re going to have it on the inside well where will we start because really everything is different. To begin with, there is a new engine, the engine is a Vortex 6.2 litre this instead of the 6 litres. This is quieter, economical, more powerful and comes as standard with 350 hp. In addition, there is a completely new gearbox, a 6-stage automatic machine in place of the 4-stage machine in the previous models. This makes the car even more comfortable and quieter, the car with this transmission is also quieter, faster and more economical, or the latter is of interest to me, I do not know. This new transmission is also linked to a paddle-shift on your steering wheel, so if you feel like using a Ferrari, you can switch on your steering wheel. Of course, the familiar throttle shift gear lever is still there. This is something modified in connection with the new bowl but still keep its F16 image.

For the rest, really the dashboard has been modified. Everything is new, from radio CD to climate control from odometer to differential service everything is different. I have to say that my impression is good and that everything is very tight and practical. All in all, care has been taken and the new H2 has got an even more style and interior. The interior is completely black and also the doors are of completely new panels that are much tighter in design and the over-sized front gates of the previous model are fitted with beautiful chrome door rails and the Bose speakers are very beautifully incorporated into the doors.

Due to the displacement of the immensely large spare wheel from the trunk compartment to the rear, you have been given an extra seat and now you can take 7 steps in the new H2 without any problems. In short, Hummer has proved once again and once again made a wonderful upgrade.

Unfortunately, the quality of my photos left something to be desired this time, after travelling to the dealer with my CANON EOS, I left a memory card and literally dropped through the ground. Fortunately, Hummers had enough and they picked me up. And so, I’m afraid of the pictures with my Nokia E90 made this with a CANON on my back and a smiling dealer.

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Architect in Hummer H3

Together with the young Dutch architect Joris Laschinger, Kroymans HUMMER H3 has launched a major project as a forerunner on the upcoming European import. Over 50 days, Joris will feature 100 characteristic buildings, 61 cities, in eight European countries with a design icon: a hummer. For this trip, Joris has been granted a HUMMER H3.

Promising Joris Lachinger is a young ambitious architect who wants inspiration and motivation throughout Europe for future design projects. In recent years, Joris has received numerous awards for his outstanding innovative projects. With his design for a glass bridge in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer he won a contest in 2000. Also, the fountain in Den Bosch that has now been realized was a winning entry for a contest. Until recently, Joris was employed by Erick van Egeraat associated architects, where he was a project architect in the design and realization of the Biomedical Faculty at the Uithof in Utrecht. In 2005, Joris Lachinger received a scholarship from the Fund for Fine Arts. After the European tour with the HUMMER H3 he starts his own architectural office in Rotterdam.

“Joris’ appearance and background as an architect fit perfectly with the positioning of the HUMMER brand, which is also characterized by its iconic design,” explains Pieter Gabriлls, COO of Kroymans HUMMER Europe. “In addition, this ‘HUMMER meets Europe’ project seamlessly coincides with rolling out the new HUMMER organization in Europe, on July 1st. Reason enough for HUMMER to give our cooperation to this project and to make Joris our most important model, the HUMMER H3.