June 17, 2024

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Future is delayed – So we look back: Humvee!

We wrote about the electric Hummer in our last post, which we just found out is delayed. Probably due to the coronavirus, a lot of markets is not going the way they were predicted to. As we wrote, the car was scheduled to hit the streets in late 2021, but now there is no date […]


Hummer goes electric with Hummer EV

General Motors recently announced that Hummer will be re-introduced into their offering. This time Hummer, known for being one of the most environmentally unfriendly vehicles in the world, will be an electric car. The rumours that we heard already back in 2014 have now materialised and Hummer EV is introduced. This is one of the […]


Volkswagen Engineer gets 40 years (Dieselgate)

It was in September last year that former Volkswagen engineer, James Liang, was guilty of having been involved in the development of software that could detect when a vehicle was tested. He was charged with two cases of fraud and violation of the US environmental regulations in connection with the diesel scandal. An important player […]


4 Suv-cars to look forward to in Autumn 2017

Here is is 4 awesome Suv;s to look forward to after the summer! Kia Stonic Kia is expanding its model program this autumn with a brand new suv. Stonic should be spacious for drivers and passengers despite its small size and, above all, Kia goes deep into personalization. It is possible to order Kia Stonic […]


Some Pokerstars and What typ of Cars they Own

A couple of days ago I did come across a post that was about cars and wouldn’t you be interested to find out what cars poker players are driving? There are so many celebrities with absolutely amazing whirlpool out there, and we actually have an entry about what some celebrities are driving. The first thing […]


The Humvee Replacement – Here it is!

Humvee has with no doubt become a symbol of the American war machine, and has played an important role in military operations all over the world. When the Humvee retires – this is the substitute The powerful SUV Humvee has been around for over three decades, and its more or less a icon in the […]

hummer meets europe hummerclub

HUMMER meets Europe

HUMMER meets Europe Tot nu toe was Kroymans HUMMER als HUMMER licentiehouder verantwoordelijk voor de Benelux en Duitsland, maar vanaf 1 juli gaat de onderneming van start als Europees importeur. “We hebben de afgelopen tijd bepaald niet stilgezeten,” licht Pieter Gabriлls toe. “Vanaf 1 juli willen we direct vol uit de startblokken en daarom hebben […]