September 22, 2021

You Like your Hummer? - Join the Hummerclub!

We wrote about the electric Hummer in our last post, which we just found out is delayed. Probably due to the coronavirus, a lot of markets is not going the way they were predicted to. As we wrote, the car was scheduled to hit the streets in late 2021, but now there is no date at all. Therefore, we have no news about this futuristic car, and instead, we look back in history. The classic Humvee is the precursor to today’s Hummer. And we want to look a little bit more into this famous military vehicle.

Humvee – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

The abbreviation Humvee comes from high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle and the car has been in use since 1983. During the Gulf war, it becomes a success for the American military and today we are more than used to see it in most wars. The strength of the Humvee has made in a perfect vehicle to transport many men as well as equipment in most terrains and even though it been around for soon 40 years, it’s still used. Even though in an upgraded form.


Even though it practically screams USA by the looks of this car, many military forces around the world use it. China, Mexico, Israel, Poland and Egypt – just to mention a few of these.

Today, older models have been sold from the military to private people. If you are interested in buying a Humvee, you need to be prepared to pay at least $10000. And that’s for a pretty old car that’s quite expensive to drive. However, who wouldn’t want one in their garage? We will probably check the internet for a new casino site and hopefully, we can hit the jackpot. If so, it might be time to invest in a classic Humvee!