July 15, 2020

You Like your Hummer? - Join the Hummerclub!

General Motors recently announced that Hummer will be re-introduced into their offering. This time Hummer, known for being one of the most environmentally unfriendly vehicles in the world, will be an electric car. The rumours that we heard already back in 2014 have now materialised and Hummer EV is introduced.

This is one of the largest news we have heard in many years in relation to Hummer. It is time to celebrate here at hummerclub.nu as Hummer, once more, has a bright future!

As the intention is to keep the same type of body it will most likely be a direct competitor to Tesla’s Cybertruck. Hummer EV will be launched already this year. The car will be released in May and goes on sale later in 2020.

Hummer EV

A look back at Hummer

The American Hummer became popular in the wake of the Gulf war and originates from a military vehicle. In the 90ies the popularity grew even bigger with brand ambassadours as Arnold Schwarzenegger taking the Hummer to the streets. A great car for great people.

The Hummer models H1 and H2 were considered as some of the least environmentally friendly cars the world had ever seen.

The political and social winds that were blowing some 15 years ago along with GM facing a very tough time after the financial crisis the production of the Hummer models were put to an end 2010. But now, some nine years later we will once again see the Hummer in production!

Hummer EV – what to expect

Apart from an electrical pickup, we will see a fully electronic SUV. On 20 May 2020 this year we will see the first teaser of the new cars. But until then we have been given some really interesting facts about the Hummer EV.

What has been revealed is that Hummer EV will have a massive front (wouldn’t be a Hummer else) with integrated lights in the front. General Motors has stated that the car will have an impressive 1,000 horsepowers and that 0-60 will be around 3 seconds. Hence, this might very well be a serious contender for Tesla Cybertruck.

The first cars will be delivered to the streets at the end of 2021.

We do not yet know the price. However, GM has stated that the new Hummer EV series will be competitive compared to other electric cars on the market.

A strong brand becomes stronger

The use of the Hummer trademark can definitely boost GM. In the competition for electric car markets shares, Hummer can stand out. The trademark is still extremely strong and it still has a huge fan base around the world.

By taking Hummer, the old earth-killer, to an electric brand could also boost the goodwill of General Motors. Also, many of its old ambassadours and target audience have become more environmentally concerned and would have no problem buying an electric Hummer EV. Just look at Arnold.

So far the attempts by GM to enter into the electric car market has been somewhat unsuccessful. They have made small margin cheap cars, but the introduction of Hummer EV might change just that.