September 22, 2021

You Like your Hummer? - Join the Hummerclub!

A couple of days ago I did come across a post that was about cars and wouldn’t you be interested to find out what cars poker players are driving? There are so many celebrities with absolutely amazing whirlpool out there, and we actually have an entry about what some celebrities are driving.

The first thing we can say about poker professionals is that they know their their cars! They mostly also afford to spend money on real monsters. There are so many good players and so many cars you can write about, so let’s take a closer look at cars that poker players have owned, or own.

Daniel Negreanu – Kid Poker
The eco-friendly – Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S. is equipped with an autopilot and fully powered, and is crazy fast additionally. The Tesla is at the top when it comes to environmental friendliness. It runs from 0 to 100 in just over 2.5 seconds –  depending on model options, and is equipped with technology that makes it the car world’s equivalent to Apple. Soundless, which might go against the power when talking about cars that should be fast, burn rubber and loud. But I think The Tesla is one of the exceptions where it’s “ok to be quiet”.

Vanessa Rousso

Lamborghini Gallardo
Sharp at the poker table and sharp behind the wheel, in this puffy lady we find not only the title of the biggest female poker player; we also find a piggyback 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo that Rousso owned a few years ago before replacing it with a 2012 Bentley Continental GT . Lamborghinis Gallardo was built to be light, fast and loud! Just listen to this sweet song from the powerful V10-engine.

Phil Ivey
Why settle for one?
This man has quite the reputation. He’s a shark when it comes to poker and is really “in it to win it” when it comes to every table he sits down at. I also do not doubt that he goes all in when it comes to vehicles; because looking at his cars, you’ll find a really diverse collection. From super fast-paced whistle to some really sophisticated wheels. Here we have a 2005 McLaren SLR and parked next to this beauty; we can not find one without two Rolls Royce Phantoms. It costs to be on top!